Song of the South (1998)

Song of the South DVD

Series title: Song of the South (1998) (Mini-series)

Language: Vietnamese     Subtitles: English

Directed by: Nguyen Vinh Son

Running time: 11 hours

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Film details

  • Produced by Ho Chi Minh City Television Studio in 1997. Most ambitious Vietnamese TV series to date.
  • 11 episodes of 55 minutes each.
  • Written and directed by Nguyen Vinh Son, one of Vietnam’s most promising motion picture talents (recently served as one of the Assistant Directors on THE QUIET AMERICAN).
  • Based on popular Vietnamese novel, “Dat Phuong Nam.” The author is often referred to as “The Vietnamese Charles Dickens” or “The Vietnamese Mark Twain.”
  • Setting is the Mekong Delta region (south of Saigon) during the French colonial period (1940’s) while popular resistance was growing. The story foreshadows the eventual wars for independence.
  • Should be especially moving for overseas Vietnamese, as apart from a dramatic story, the series is rich with familiar and uniquely Vietnamese scenery, characters and customs. A number of characters are based on real persons, and a number of incidents are based on historical events.
  • First attempt ever to commercially export a Vietnamese motion picture or television series. “Song of the South” has not been seen outside of Vietnam.
  • Released in January 2003 as a boxed set of 6 DVDs. This is the first Vietnamese motion picture or television series ever released on DVD (Three Seasons, Scent of Green Papaya, Cyclo, Vertical Ray of the Sun are all “Overseas Vietnamese” productions, directed by American or French directors.)

Film credits

Produced by Ho Chi Minh Television Film Studio
Director: Nguyen Vinh Son
Screenplay: Nguyen Vinh Son
Producer: Nguyen Hong Quan
Camera: Trinh Hoan
Cast: Hung Thuan

Manh Dung

Phung Ngoc

Thuy Loan

Le Quang

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