The Gamble (1991)

Film title: The Gamble (1991)

Language: Vietnamese     Subtitles: English

Directed by: Luu Trong Ninh

Running time: 92 mins

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Silver Lotus Prize - Vietnam Film Festival 1993

Film details

A prime example of Vietnamese cinema’s post-Doi Moi social realism, The Gamble deals with the sensitive subjects of prostitution, drugs, gambling, and the treatment of women in urban and rural Vietnam.

Director Luu Trong Ninh’s debut feature stars Don Duong as a truck driver who falls in love with a young student girl in a roadside border canteen. Unsure of his intentions, but needing money for her school tuition, the girl decides to join him in his dubious business. This decision forms the gambling motif in the film, which continues toward a dramatic climax.

Film credits

Produced by Vietnam Feature Film Studio
Director: Luu Trong Ninh
Screenplay: Nguyen Thi Hong Ngat
Camera: Tran The Dan
Cast: Thu Ha
Don Duong
Kim Xuyen
Hoang Quan Thien

Image stills from film

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