The Story of Net (2010)

The Story of Net DVD

Film title: The Story of Net (2010)

Language: Thai Subtitles: English

Directed by: Lasse Nielsen

Running time: 83 mins

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Film details

The Story of Net is the result of a community project which Nielsen initiated in Thailand. A group of young people in a small Thai village were encouraged to tell stories from their own life and the lives of other villagers.

From these stories, Nielsen wrote a screenplay, and then directed the movie, using only people from the village as both actors and crew. The co-director/cameraman, Bancha Khemngeun, is a village man with no previous film experience. He also plays the role of the Father. Original music and songs for The Story of Net were composed by Chiang Mai university student, Danaikrit Inthurit. This is his first film score.

The entire film was shot on a consumer Sony HDV camera with minimalist accessories. A photo tripod without fluid head. Sound was recorded with a cheap shotgun mike attached to the camera. For Living Films Post it was an interesting challenge to take on the online edit, color correction and sound design. The resulting master is surprisingly clean and cinematic.

Lasse Nielsen: “This film is proof that the technical side of film making is hugely overrated. What it actually comes down to is the ability to tell a story.” And this is a talent that Lasse has perfected in his early career in Denmark and that will stay with him for the rest of his life. “It’s like riding a bicycle – once you mastered it you will never forget.”

Lasse Nielsen’s first feature film, LA’ OS VÆRE (LET US BE), was nominated for a Golden Bear at the 1975 Berlin Film Festival. That film was followed by MÅSKE KU’ VI (Maybe We Could) in 1976 and DU ER IKKE ALENE (You Are Not Alone) in 1978 – all written and directed by Lasse Nielsen.

You can also view the official “The Story of Net” blog here.

Film credits

Produced by Living Films and Discovery Communications
Producer: Gerald Herman
Director: Lasse Nielsen
Screenplay: Lasse Nielsen
Camera: Bancha Khemngeum
Cast: Bancha Khemngeum 

Thananet Putthasorn

Suthat Soisumalee

Trinh Thinh

Image stills from film


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