The Traveling Circus (1988)

The Traveling Circus DVD

Film title: The Traveling Circus (1988)

Language: Vietnamese

Subtitles: English, French, German

Directed by: Viet Linh

Running time: 74 mins

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Grand Prix - Fribourg Third World Film Festival; UNICEF Jury Prize - Berlin Film festival 1991

Film details

One of the most acclaimed Vietnamese films of the 1980s, The Traveling Circus won numerous international awards, including Grand Prix at Fribourg Third world Film Festival, Audience Award at Uppsala (Sweden) International Film Festival, First Prize at Madrid Women’s Film Festival, and UNICEF Jury Prize at the 1991 Berlin Film Festival.

With obvious influences from Bergman, DeSica and Fellini, female director Viet Linh tells the bittersweet story of a small traveling circus from Hanoi stopping in an impoverished ethnic minority village in Vietnam’s central highlands. Through the eyes of a village youngster, we witness the magic of the circus, and the naïve hope that illusion can be transformed into reality. The Traveling Circus is an extremely realistic, sensitive and moving film, that is rarely shown either in Vietnam or abroad.

Film credits

Produced by Giai Phong Film
Director: Viet Linh
Screenplay: Pham Thuy Nhan
Camera: Dinh Anh Dung
Cast: The Anh

Thai Ngan

Bac Son

Luong Vien Minh

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